Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual


Bonus Structure  





We offer a bonus to our testing and consult staff when a patient enrolls in our program.  Our bonus structure is a fair system as you will see illustrated in the contract we review with all testing staff.  





1. Consult Bonus Contract  

        This section of the manual shows you how we determine what bonuses are given at the end of each quarter.  More information on this calculation is discussed in other parts of this section of the manual.  



2. Bonus Calculations 

        This form explains how to calculate the bonus step by step. 



3. Bonus Tracking Grid

        Each tester has a spread sheet used to track all testing and consult appointments.  This form is a sample of the grid we use and how it fits into the bonus calculation structure.  Please see the New Start List for more information on patient tracking. 



4. New Start List 

        This sheet is filled out by the scheduling manager every time a patient signs up for the program.  It is also how we obtain the information that we plug into the bonus tracking gird.