Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual


Doctor Information Packet 





The documents included in this section are contained in the packet we send to new referring ODs or other professionals looking for more information about VT or our clinic. We also add the following printed brochures to the packet: MVTC brochure, ADD/ADHD, In-Service, Guided Development Program, Eye Turns & Lazy Eyes, & Primitive Reflexes. 






1. Doctor Information Packet Introduction Letter

           This is a basic letter outlining our referral process to new referring ODs. It also outlines how we will refer the patient back to them for their primary visual care. This is a key to acquiring new referrals because they are not concerned about our clinic taking any of their patient base.     



2. Referral Form 

             This form is used when an OD wants to refer a patient to our clinic. They simply fill out the form as completely as possible and fax/mail it to us with a copy of the most recent eye exam. We then contact the patient within 2-3 business days of receiving the information. We will also be in contact with the doctor via mail to keep them updated on the status of the patient. 



3. Curriculum Vitae & Clinic History

         This CV document is used to outline Dr. Mowbray's credentials and why she is an excellent doctor to utilize for the referred patient's behavioral vision care.  The Clinic HIstory document is a description of the background of our clinic: how and when it was founded, the credentials of our doctor, and a brief outline of what sets us apart.



5. Weighted Symptom Checklist

           We invite referring ODs to hand this checklist out to their patients. This form is highly effective in recognizing a potential problem. It also educates the patient/parent of the symptoms associated with a functional vision problem.



6. What Sets MVTC Apart from Other VT Clinics?



7. Maps & Directions 



8. Brochure Request Card 

           We offer to send out any information referring ODs would like either for their own knowledge or to hand out to their patients. They just need to mail the post card to us and we will mail the requested information within 4-5 business days.