Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual


Employee Organization  





The following forms are used by the office manager for communication and tracking.  Good communication is a key element in keeping your office running smoothly.  The manager should be responsible for updates and distributing the calendar.   





1. Operations Calendar 

        This form represents the annual operations calendar we use to track all important dates, meeting, vacations, holidays, seminars etc…  This form can be used to keep track of everything that goes on in the office.  When the form is updated the manager sends this out to the staff via email.  This is also a key tool in controlling vacation requests.  The scheduling manager also uses this calendar to monitor and complete the vacation reschedules for the therapists. 



2. Time Off Request 

        If an employee is requesting a day off they need to fill out this form and turn it into the manager.  We do not allow more than one person off on any day per location.  Since the employees can review the operations calendar before submitting requests, they will not put in a request for a day that has been taken. 


        *Holiday Season Requests- We do not take holiday requests until September.  We send out a general email asking for all holiday requests.  For the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New    Years holidays an employee is only allowed to request one of the holidays off.  Then if we have any overlap with days we work with the employees and split it evenly among those with conflicting schedules.