Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual


Financial Tracking Tools  





These are general operation forms we use to manage our financial information.  As stated below it is extremely important to create an annual projected budget.  The budget forms and the weekly cash flow form allow you to monitor cash flow and make necessary decisions to keep you business running at the optimum level. Without keeping track of these numbers and changing your operation when necessary, it is almost impossible to run your office as a turnkey business.  





 1. Expense Report 

        This is a general expense report the any employee may use if they need to request reimbursement.  This form is approved by the manager and then the bookkeeper will issue the check.



2. Petty Cash Reconciliation 

        We have three locations that all maintain a small petty cash fund for either emergency supplies or to make change if someone purchases any products.  The petty cash is balanced at all locations on a monthly basis.  



3. Budget Forms 

        It is extremely important to create a projected annual budget for spending and income.  This is a relatively long and complicated process and can take up to two months to prepare without the right tools.  If you have a significant difference between your actual spending and your projected budget, be sure to determine why caused it and make necessary changes or monitor based on your needs.         



4. Weekly Cash Flow 

            This document helps us to manage what bills are being paid weekly as well ongoing payments.  This allows for a quick glance at your budget weekly compared to your income.