Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual


Fixing My Gaze Marketing Materials  





We purchased several hundred of the “Fixing My Gaze Book” and use it as a marketing tool.  We mailed this book to our top 100 referring OD’s.  We also mailed it to 100 other referral sources and hand it out to potential patients that come to our office for testing that could benefit from the book.  


We have a few copies of the book in our lobby for patients to read as well. 


We do not ask for the book back we simply request they pass the book on.  Please see the faceplate enclosed for how to make that happen. 





 1. Fixing My Gaze Faceplate

        We created the faceplate to match the cover of the book.  The faceplate is placed on the first blank page in the book.  We had the faceplate produced by a printer and made like a sticker for durability.   



2. Fixing My Gaze OD Letter 

        This is a letter the doctor wrote to the OD’s that were receiving the book.  



3. New England Journal of Medicine Review 

        Included with the letter we also included the NEJM review for their reference.