Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual


General Information Packet 





The forms included in this section compile the packet we send to anyone looking for more information about VT and/or our clinic. We mail out a large amount of these to people requesting more information via email/phone or referred patients not ready to set up an evaluation. We also add the appropriate printed brochures to the packet based on the patient diagnosis (from another clinic) or area of interest. 






1. Information Packet Introduction Letter



2. Answers to Common Questions About Vision Therapy

         This sheet does exactly what its title implies. It gives detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions; especially the ones people may not think could be linked to vision. 



3. Learning Related Visual Problems 

         This sheet outlines the visual abilities needed to be successful in the classroom. It also lists the symptoms every teacher or parent should be watching for in a potential VT candidate 



4. Weighted Symptom Checklist 

         This further outlines the symptoms to look for. We also encourage teachers to pass this out to the parents of students they may be concerned about. 



5. What Sets MVTC Apart from Other Clinics?

         This is an extensive list explaining what sets our clinic apart from other clinics in the area. 



6. Additional Information & Resources

        This sheet outlines the best resources we have found about VT. It includes websites, organizations, and reading materials they can reference for more information. 



7. Primitive Reflexes 


This sheet outlines the critical link between learning problems and primitive reflexes as well as symptoms of retained reflexes.