Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual


Scheduling Guidelines  





Reviewed in this section are some general scheduling guidelines we use in our office. Our entire schedule operates with "timeslots" for every kind of appointment we can schedule. There are certain times for therapy, testing, prep hours, lunch, etc… The sample templates will illustrate a couple of the actual templates we use on a daily basis. The template for each therapist is the same from week to week and does not change on a regular basis. Any changes to the permanent schedule are discussed with the therapist who it will be affecting before putting it into the schedule. This ensures that there is some element of predictability and stability from week to week.  





 1. Scheduling Guidelines 

        Included on this form are basic guidelines for any appointment we schedule on a regular basis.  



2. Sample Schedule Templates 

         This section includes four sample templates that we use on a regular basis. Each of these templates would be used on the same day from week to week. For example the template listed "Therapist Only" would be used for a particular therapist (who would not perform testing) every Monday. Their schedule may be different for Tuesdays, but each day has a consistent schedule from one week to the next. 


        When viewing the templates side by side it illustrates how to coordinate the therapist who does testing with the doctor's schedule for an Initial Evaluation. This also illustrates a "Same Day" option that we offer for patients who drive from more than 60 miles away. 


        One essential component in creating templates for therapists performing testing is the spacing of the appointments. Please note the time needed prior and after the testing and consult to enable the therapist to both prepare for the appointment and adequately note their comments about the testing. Reference the "Important Evaluation Information" sheet in the Scheduling the Initial Evaluation section for more specifics.