Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual


Hiring & Training  





This section of the manual contains the operation forms we use when hiring a new employee.  We recommend checking with your staff to see if they know of anyone that would be interested in the position you are looking to fill.  We have found some great candidates that way.  



Vision Therapist Position: 


Be selective when hiring and make sure the candidate is a good fit for your clinic.  As apart of the interview process the candidate interviews with the manager first.  If the candidate is someone you are interested in, partner them with a therapist and have the candidate experience some of the procedures.  Then allow time for the therapist to speak to with the candidate about what the job entails and answer any questions they have.  Finally we have the candidate observe therapy to see what a session is like.  Then the manager has a follow up conversation with the candidate to see if they are still interested.  Also be sure to conduct a functional visual examination for the applicant to make sure that they are visually competent before hiring them.  





1. Employment Ads 

        These are some very simple ads we place when using online newspapers etc….. 



2. Interview Questions 

        This is a list of questions the manager asks the candidate when they are being interviewed.  This gives us an overview of who they are and helps to determine if they will be a fit as a potential vision therapist.



3. Therapist Training Calendar

        We allow 3 months for training a new therapist.  This is a sample schedule of what is covered during the duration of their training. 



4. Therapist Training Manual

        We compile a large training manual for new therapists and this list includes the sections of our manual.  **Please note that vision therapy procedures are not included in the Vision Therapy Practice Building Manual.