Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual


In-Service & Speaking Information  





We provide free In-Services in the community to get the word out about vision therapy. We speak to a large variety of audiences. This is a vital part of growing your referral base and in turn increasing the number of patients coming to your clinic. We have listed our main sources of In-Services as well as the forms needed to track how productive and cost-effective each In-Service has been. We also track separately in a simple spreadsheet the amount of patients driven to our office by each In-Service. This way we can evaluate whether or not we would pursue a similar venture in the future. 





 1. In-Service Opportunities

        This is a list of our six top groups that we find are interested in holding an In-Service.  There are many more options out there but these have been the most productive for our clinic. These groups are also the ones that ask us to come back an additional time or on a yearly basis. 




        This organization is separate from the usual In-Services we do. They set up and coordinate events and invite doctors to come and speak. They hold seminars all across the country. 



3. In-Service Agreement 

        This is the document we use when an organization or group would like to hold an In-Service.  While we do not charge for the In-Service, we do have provisions in place for last minute cancellations, poor attendance, or any other issue that may come up.  The document further outlines the guidelines expected to be followed by the organization holding the In-Service. 



4. Event Checklist 

        This is a complete guide to tracking the costs involved with each In-Service. You can track everything from contact information, supplies needed, registration details, and cost analysis. This form can be used in the future to compare costs versus revenue driven from the event. 



5. More Information Request

        We always have this sheet with us at all In-Services. It is a basic information request. We will send out requested information after the In-Service as well as add each person to our regular newsletter email list.