Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual


Initial Evaluation Packet  





The information included in this section is what we mail to patients once they have scheduled an Initial Evaluation. They also have the option of printing the paperwork from our website if they are able to do so. The vast majority of patients prefer to print their own paperwork. and appreciate the option. All of the Mailed Packet information is on our website as well. 





 1. Paperwork 

        Each new patient must complete all of the forms included in this section of the manual and bring them in to the Initial Evaluation. These are to be reviewed by the therapist administering the first portion of the Evaluation during the 15 minutes prior to starting the appointment. 



2. What Sets Minnesota Vision Therapy Center (MVTC) Apart 

        This informational sheet does exactly what its title implies. This is a must have for our local    market as there are a lot of non-ODs doing vision therapy due to lack optometric board regulations.  We need to set ourselves apart from the other clinics in the area and give patients a reason for pursuing our program over other programs.  



3. Maps & Directions 



4. Reminder Card 

        Reminds the patient of their scheduled time for the Initial Evaluation and Consultation.