Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual


Inventory Tracking  






The following forms are used for office supply ordering and tracking. These forms may be used for any type of inventory or all combined.  They may seem like simple documents, but these forms and their proper use are essential to running a turnkey operation with no interruption of productivity. 





1. Order History

        This sheet is used for tracking the monthly budget. It lists the number of orders per month, the date ordered and amount of the order. It also lists an order number for quick reference to the next sheet. 



2. Order Detail 

         This sheet details the specific items ordered for each order number. This form makes it very easy to order an item you have previously ordered, as the product number and description is readily available. 



3. Items for Next Order 

        This is a simple sheet to record desired items for the next order. As soon as we are aware of a supply need, that item is added to this list to ensure it is purchased on the next scheduled order. This can also predict the estimated total of the upcoming order if needed for budgeting purposes. 



4. Ink Cartridges 

        This is another simple form used to catalog the cartridges for every printer. This way we only need to alert the person in charge of the ordering that a particular printer needs a particular color of ink rather than searching for item numbers.