Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual







We send out e-newsletters to various groups who currently refer patients or who may potentially refer in the future. The OD e-newsletter is sent out monthly, each with a new topic and we occasionally send out a series of newsletters on specific topics. You can generally purchase the OD list for your area from your state licensing board.  The teacher letter is sent out quarterly. We obtained teacher emails through current contacts and existing patients. The parent newsletter is sent out quarterly as well. The parent email list is continually being updated by the scheduling manager based on who is in the program. We always include a success story with our e-newsletters that relates to the current topic. 


We continually receive new referrals and maintain long time referrals by keeping in touch with all referral resources.  We do not overwhelm them with communication but we do keep them updated regularly. 


The e-newsletters are created and sent out by Dr. Mowbray using Constant Contact (, but they can also be created and managed by Karen Michels who we have used in the past.  Her information is in the Business Resources section of the manual.   


Below is a list of the newsletter samples that are included in the Vision Therapy Practice Building Manual: 





 1. OD Newsletter 

        This is a copy of an e-newsletter sent to Optometrists.        



2. Teacher Newsletter 

         This is a copy of an e-newsletter that we sent to teacher and educators. 



3. Parent Newsletter 

        This is a copy of an e-newsletter we sent our existing patients.