Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual


Patient Initial Evaluation Packet  





This packet is given after the patient has completed an Initial Evaluation. Our doctor will give this packet and ask that they review the materials included and come to the consultation with questions. Also included in the packet is a copy of our Success Story book. This is a great tool for them to see the potential success they can have. Many patients can identify with at least one of the stories. 





1. Answers to Common Questions about VT 

        This is a basic question and answer type informational sheet. It covers the most frequently asked questions that a patient may have after going through the initial evaluation. 



2. Primitive Reflexes 

        This is an additional informational sheet regarding Primitive Reflexes. This can be a confusing topic for some patients and it is beneficial to include this information for review. 



3. What Sets Minnesota Vision Therapy Center (MVTC) Apart 

        This informational sheet does exactly what its title implies. This is a must have for our local market. We need to set ourselves apart from the other clinics in the area and give patients a reason for pursuing our program over other programs. 



3. Additional Information & Resources 

        We are constantly updating this form to include the most informational organizations, books and websites for our patients to reference.



4. Other information About Our Office

        This includes the Visual Learning booklet and pertinent brochures for patients depending on their visual condition.