Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual


Master Schedule & Supporting Documents  





The Master Schedule is the most important element of our VT program's scheduling. This is the essential component to keeping our patients organized and happy with their schedule. This is one of the main elements that allows our clinic to operate as a turnkey operation.





1. Master Schedule 

        This spreadsheet holds all of the information regarding current patients in the program, their current timeslots and future timeslots on hold, graduation dates, desired timeslots, and any other relevant information regarding the VT schedule.  The manual shows you how to use these forms and adapt them to your office. 



2. Patient Tracker 

        This sheet is used to track all graduates coming up within the next 6 weeks.  The manual also shows you how to use this form and adapt it for your office. 



3. 30 Day Schedule 

        This sheet is used for a quick and accurate representation of the therapy openings available to new patients. The manual shows you how to use this form and adapt it for your office. 



4. Why Our Clinic Does NOT Incorporate a Waiting List! 

        This sheet outlines the reasons why we do not operate with a wait list for therapy times.



5. Scheduling a New Patient to Start Therapy

        This flow chart outlines the most frequent questions & responses I encounter when attempting to schedule a new patient. The phrasing used on this sheet has been the best for getting positive responses from patients/parents. The vast majority of patients come out of the initial conversation believing that we will be able to find a solution to their scheduling problems. The manual goes into detail on how to use these phrases and still keep a coherent schedule that still fits your specifications.