Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual


Scheduling the Initial Evaluation  






We do not charge for our initial evaluation. Due to this fact we need to do a heavy screening process to make sure an evaluation is appropriate. 

***Be sure to check with your state regarding rules and regulations prior to offering free exams.  


Information on how to conduct the initial intake call, how to determine whether to schedule a free evaluation, and rules of conduct for the initial evaluation are discussed in detail in the manual. 





 1. Initial Evaluation (IE) Flow Chart 

        This form covers the main questions we receive when speaking to a new potential patient.      This also includes the necessary information we must have before scheduling an evaluation and what action needs to be taken. 



2. Initial Contact Form 

        This form must be completed in it's entirety during the initial phone call with a new patient.  It helps us be as informed as possible as well and bring up any potential issues that need to be addressed prior to scheduling the evaluation. 



3. Weighted Symptom Checklist 

        We use this form to indentify if a free evaluation is appropriate or necessary. 

We require that all non-referred patients take this checklist.  If a potential patient has a low score, an evaluation may not be the appropriate route to take. 



4. Important Evaluation Information 

        This includes additional information regarding how we schedule our evaluations.