Vision Therapy Practice Builder Manual


Teacher Information Packet  





The forms included in this section comprise the packet we send to teachers looking for more information about VT and/or our clinic. We hand out a large amount of these to new patients to give to their teachers so they are on board with the program. We also add the following printed brochures to the packet: MVTC brochure, ADD/ADHD, In-Service, What Teachers & Parents Should Know, Eye Turns & Lazy Eyes, & Primitive Reflexes.


Some of these forms are described in other sections of this website so are not discussed in detail here. 





 1. Teacher Packet Introduction Letter 



 2. Reducing Visual Stress in the Classroom 

        We compiled this list to assist teachers to ease the visual stress on their students, specifically those with functional visual problems. 



 3. I Hate Reading! Article 

        This news article is a sample of the reading problems children with visual problems can face.  A lot of teachers comment that they have a child in class that sounds just like the article! 



4  Answers to Common Questions About Vision Therapy 



5. Learning Related Visual Problems 



6. Weighted Symptom Checklist



7. Primitive Reflexes 



8. Additional Information & Resources 



9. What Sets MVTC Apart from Other Clinics?